Overcoming Gym-timidation

Gym-timidation is a real stress for individuals in an adaptive situation. From not knowing how to adapt workouts to make them work for you to people constantly staring at you, the reason to not go to the gym are numerous. It is intimidating for most people to go to a gym, and for adaptives the intimidation is multiplied.

We promise you are not the only one who is struggling to overcome the intimidation at the gym. However, giving into your anxiety will only impede you from reaching your goals and improving your overall health.

While we cannot go into every gym and kick out the “bro bodybuilders”, “the grunters”, “the singers”, and “Ms. Selfies” – you know who I’m talking about here. We can give you some tips to help make the gym less intimidating.

7 Tips to overcoming gym-timidation:

  1. Everyone Is Worried About Themselves. Contrary to popular belief, everyone at the gym is not watching you every move.  While it may seem like people are judging you as they are working out, most people are more worried about themselves. Comparing yourself to others is the quickest way kill your self-esteem.
  2. Make a Playlist. Music is a great way to drown out your surroundings. You can jam out, workout, and tune out everything and everyone around you.
  3. Have a Plan. All of the gym equipment can be very intimidating. Preparing a plan ahead of time will save you from wandering around for an hour not really working out. You’ll be able to get in and out, get in a great workout, and feel confident in your workouts.
  4. Try a Class. Joining a class will provide a workout, in a setting with structure, and is a great way to make friends. Lion Heart offers small class sizes and coaches who are will be able to adapt the workout for you.
  5. Ask a Coach to Show You the Ropes. Most gyms when you sign up for a membership will offer you a free training consultation. This consultation will allow you to ask any questions you may have and build a relationship with someone who you can ask any exercise related questions.  As a coach myself, we really do not mind showing others how to workout. We would much rather people know how to exercise properly, and reduce the risk of injury. At Lion Heart we are a gym that is tailored to working with individuals with adaptive. Our coaches are prepared to work with different adaptations and tailor the workout to you
  6. Don’t Forget Why You are Going to the Gym. While there are lots of things that can deter you from going to the gym. While they are all valid concerns, it is important to exercise for your physical and mental health. Don’t let others actions scare you away from taking care of your health.
  7. Pick a Gym That’s Right for You. Our founder Alec says, “That is why we created Lion Heart. Because who isn’t going to stare at a guy doing squats with a prosthetic leg.” Staring can mean a lot of different things, but most people stare because they are unfamiliar with disabilities. While it can be harmless, staring is very intimidating. At Lion Heart we want to create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable working out, no matter their situation. .

You can learn more about the classes we have to offer on our homepage. Let’s avoid freaking out and workout instead! 

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