10 Ways To Fail Your Diet

Are you ready to set yourself up for failure? Most of us know how to eat healthy to lose weight. In reality, none of us are looking to improve our nutrition habits anyway.

Here are ten surefire ways to make sure you blow your diet.

  1. Do not have frozen fruit and vegetables on hand. This way when you realize you don’t have a backup plan for your vegetables, you can count potato chips as a vegetable instead (potato chips are a vegetable right?).
  2. Drink soda instead of water. Pop has extra sugar and caffeine that are essential in a non-healthy diet. Who needs to take an aspirin for a caffeine headache, when you can get additional calories and caffeine from your favorite soda.
  3. Leave your veggies whole. You are much less likely to eat them when they are whole in your fridge than if you pre-cut them and put them in to-go bags.
  4. Don’t stash well-balanced snacks in your car. This way you will always have the excuse to stop by your favorite fast food joint and pick up food.
  5. Avoid planning and preparing your breakfast ahead of time. Now you won’t have an easy grab-and-go breakfast in the morning. Your metabolism won’t get the jumpstart it needs and by 10:00 a.m. you’ll be so hungry that you’ll eat everything in sight.
  6. Escape extra veggies. Who has the time or wants to add additional vegetables to their favorite dishes? A great way to sabotage your veggie intake is by not grating up carrots or zucchini into pasta sauces or casserole.
  7. Keep your oatmeal plain. Leave out the fruit, nuts, ground flax seed, or bran buds. Keeping your oatmeal plain will lower your fiber and protein intake. Forget making it to lunch; you’ll need at least one mid-morning snack to make it to lunch.
  8. Peel all of your vegetables. Peeling your veggies will lower your fiber intake. The skin of fruits and vegetables typically contains the most fiber, and who would want extra fiber in their diet.
  9. Add loads of sugar and cream into your coffee. This is a sure fire way to get all the added sugars and creams that you don’t need into your diet.
  10. Only cook for one. Avoid making enough to have extras for lunch the next day. You’ll be able to go out with all your co-workers and spend extra money on extra calories.

Editor’s note: Obviously these aren’t things you want to be doing. In fact, to have a proper, healthy diet, do the exact opposite!

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