Get Healthy

Between the open gym and the coach lead classes, we have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Support Groups

Is your injury a recent event? Are you curious what to do next or how you’re going to do everyday tasks? Join our support groups to help you through.

Nutritional Plan & Tips

Exercise is just 20% of the battle. What really counts is what we put on the inside. Our nutritionists will help you plan out your diet.

Welcome to Lion Heart Health and Wellness.

Lion Heart Health and Wellness Center was established to be a long term solution for a healthy and productive life for those who have to live adaptive.

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We will never turn away from someone in need. The heart of a lion is one that lifts and strengthens those around to achieve the bigger and better. If you want to become and Olympian, simply improve the health quality of life,  or have a place to feel safe and lift or be lifted, Lion Heart Health and Wellness Center is for you. Welcome!

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